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  Hemp Competition: BiG-OIL Monopolies  

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Table of Contents

  1. Hemp Videos
  2. Hemp Competition
    1. Oil (Petroleum)
    2. Nuclear Energy
    3. Coal Mining
    4. Natural Gas
    5. Trees, Paper, Wood
    6. Cotton, Flax, Textiles
    7. Soybeans (Soya)
    8. Corn (Maize)
    9. Canola (Rapeseed)
    10. Petrochemicals
  3. Villians of Prohibition
    1. John D. Rockefeller
    2. Lammot du Pont I
    3. Lammot du Pont II
    4. Randolph Hearst
    5. Hearst Magazines
    6. Harry Anslinger
  4. Industrial Hemp Uses
  5. 'Fossil' Fuels

Competing Industries:

We can REPLACE the deforestation AND petrochemical industries both at once with organic hemp. The only one who stands to lose anything from legalizing industrial hemp... is David Rockefeller. If you thought hemp was just for smoking, then you're missing out on 99% of what makes hemp the most valuable plant resource on the planet.

ANYTHING made from hydrocarbon fossil fuels,
could be made from organic carbohydrates!

"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere."
George Washington 1794

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country."
Thomas Jefferson

"Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?"
Henry Ford

"The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this [prohibition]."
Albert Einstein (My First Impression of the U.S.A., 1921)

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Hemp Adversaries are Industrial Competition: BiG-OIL Monopolies

We can REPLACE the deforestation AND petrochemical industries both at once with organic hemp. The only one who stands to lose anything from legalizing industrial hemp... is David Rockefeller. If you thought hemp was just for smoking, you're missing out on 99% of what makes hemp valuable.

Hemp can replace Nukes, Trees, Cotton, Corn,
& OIL for almost ALL current industrial uses!

Only mislead fools would make an industry of destroying ancient forests to make disposable toxic trash from trees with such an intensive petrochemical process fueled by such limited resources as fossil fuels... while BIODEGRADABLE hemp can be RECYCLED into organic paper many times.

IF hemp were legalized, since hemp is SUPERIOR to other available natural resources, a few petrochemical monopolies would no longer be feasible... including monsanto's GMO cotton business that consumes HALF of the petrochemical pesticides sprayed in the USA, Hearst's deforestation business would no longer profit from destroying our forests, and we would no longer need Rockefeller's fossil fuels - because we can replace coal (electricity) with hemp pyrolysis, and we can replace gasoline with vegetable oil methanol, and dupont's toxic plastic business would be replaced with non-toxic, biodegradable, stronger, lighter, hemp plastics like they're already using to make Mercedes car parts.

Petrochemical |ˌpetrōˈkemikəl| adjective
relating to or denoting substances obtained by the refining and processing of petroleum [OIL] or natural gas
• of or relating to petrochemistry.
noun (usu. petrochemicals) a chemical obtained from petroleum [OIL] and natural gas.

Did you know in the 1900s most cars were electric? Nikola Tesla invented an electric car in 1931 and Ford built a plastic car in 1941 out of hemp plastic, with plastic 10x stronger than steel & it ran on hemp vegetable oil... needless to say a few greedy traitors sabotaged our nation's progress, to personally profit from selling scarce death-based OIL, their prized monopoly. Now we are surrounded by THEIR toxic fossil fuels - we burn coal for electricity, natural gas (that comes up WITH the oil) for heat,

ONLY half of USA oil imports goes into gasoline fuels, the other half makes PLASTICS: Your carpet, paint, almost everything you own (that isn't REAL leather, wood, or metal) - is most likely made out of toxic petroleum oil that offgases dioxin and a mess of other problems such as oil wars - even your plastic toothbrush you clean your mouth with is made out of petroleum oil. The pleather activists would flip if they only knew the Truth about how many children die of starvation and cancer to make sure our fake-fur is made out of OIL!

Meet the Villians of the Prohibition:

The current laws against the cultivation of Hemp can be attributed to 3 men, Henry J. Anslinger, Lammont DuPont, and William Randolph Hearst, who effectively made growing hemp illegal. DuPont (PETROchemical plastic, nylon) & Rockefeller (oil) ruined our plastics technology a long time ago. Hearst (Good Housekeeping) ruined our century-old recycled paper technology - so paper is also very toxic with petrochemicals.

The BIGGEST problem in the way of ReLegalization is that hemp is classified as a schedule 1 drug (NO KNOWN BENEFITS), which means we cannot do lab tests on this plant. IF we could do public testing, we already have enough information to generate full public support for replacing petroleum with hemp.

The ONLY problem i see with replacing the petroleum industry, is that the Rockefellers (war, bank, oil, food, medicine, media monopolies), the DuPonts (plastic & explosives all made from petroleum), Hearst (paper made from trees using petroleum-based CHEMICALS), and ig farben chemical companies like monsanto (petroleum-based fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, agent orange) - would all lose their fortunes in a landslide.

The biggest REASONS WHY we cannot get hemp REclassified, are because the Rockefellers founded the **CFR** to control politicians and purchase 'mainstream media' (all your tv news, newspapers, magazines)... and Hearst OWNS most of the publications that condition the public as well as our 'experts'...

Boycott British Petroleum
John D. Rockefeller
(controls: BiG-OIL, BiG-pharma, BiG-agri & monsanto, BiG-biotech, CFR / media & politics, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers).

Lammot du Pont I (1831–March 29, 1884) He founded the Repauno Chemical Company and helped DuPont enter the high explosives business. He died in an explosion in 1884. The DuPont corporation is a PETROCHEMICAL MONOPOLY that makes CHEMICALS, FOOD, and PLASTICS from Rockefeller's Petroleum Oil.

Lammot du Pont II (1880 - June 24, 1952) was an American businessman who was the head of the du Pont family's E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company for 22 years - dupont AND GM. Lammont DuPont's banker Andrew Mellon who happened to be Secretary of the Treasury under Herbert Hoover, also had a nephew-in-law, Henry Anslinger, who had the Marijuana Tax Law of 1937 passed allowing munitions maker DuPont to supply synthetic fibers for the domestic economy without competition.

William Randolph Hearst (April 29, 1863 – August 14, 1951) was an American newspaper magnate and leading newspaper publisher. He was twice elected as a Democrat to the U.S. House of Representatives (NY), but ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of New York City in 1905 and 1909, for Governor of New York in 1906, and for Lieutenant Governor of New York in 1910. William Randolph Hearst began printing outlandish stories with headlines such as "Marijuana goads user to blood lust" and "Hotel clerk identifies Marijuana smoker as gunman". He also took advantage of the country's prejudice against blacks and immigrants by printing that marijuana-crazed negroes were raping white women and by painting pictures of lazy, pot-smoking Mexicans.

After USDA estimated in 1930 USA can make ALL our paper from hemp (paper from 1700s until that time was RECYCLED HEMP RAGS - Ben Franklin owned a press) without ever cutting down a tree again... where are the "tree huggers"? Hearst invented a PETROL-CHEMICAL (Rockefeller Oil) process from making paper from trees that uses intense chemicals (as opposed to non-toxic MECHANICAL separation of fibers on hemp)... Hearst owned the newspapers and he told people to ban marihuana (dare he call it what it was "hemp") - and in doing so hindered our technological advancement, and sells out the future of his country and the prosperity of his people in what i believe to be an act of high treason with DuPont Anslinger, Rockefeller, and a few other crooks like Monsanto.


  • Legalizing Hemp CompetitionCar and Driver
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Country Living
  • ELLE
  • Esquire
  • Food Network Magazine
  • Good Housekeeping (mothers)
  • Harper's Bazaar
  • House Beautiful
  • Marie Claire
  • O, The Oprah Magazine ("O" really?)
  • Popular Mechanics
    (Chertoff's 9/11 "LIES" hitpiece)
  • Redbook
  • Road & Track
  • Seventeen (how dare you target children)
  • Town&Country
  • Veranda
  • Woman's Day
  • and that's just Hearst's major magazines...

Harry Jacob Anslinger (May 20, 1892 – November 14, 1975) held office as the Assistant Prohibition Commissioner in the Bureau of Prohibition, before being appointed as the first Commissioner of the Treasury Department's Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) on August 12, 1930. Henry J. Anslinger was the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, DuPont and Hearst were the owners of the largest chemical company and newspaper, respectively.

These men succeeded in a conspiracy [plural form of the LEGAL term "plot"] which ultimately added to the destruction of the environment, by them producing plastic and paper where hemp could have been more beneficial. In 1991 DuPont was still the largest producer of man-made fibers, while no citizen has legally harvested a single acre of textile grade hemp in over 50 years.

The standard fiber of world history, America's traditional crop, hemp, could provide our textiles, paper and be the premier source for cellulose. The I.G. Farben war industries DuPont, Allied Chemical, Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, and others are protected from competition by the marijuana laws and they make war on the natural cycle and the common farmer.

Industrial Hemp Products
Modern Uses for the Cannabis Plant
Modern Uses For Hemp


Oil is NOT a "Fossil Fuel"!

Fossils have NEVER been found at depths where they drill for oil. Hydrocarbons are MISSING OXYGEN = NOT-ORGANIC! Regardless of what OIL men advertise in wikipedia: OIL is NOT an "organic compound"!



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