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Industrial Hemp | Biomass, Biofuel, Fabric, Paper AND Plastic, Wood, Bricks, Medicine, Food
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  The REAL Green Revolution  

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We can replace ALL of our OIL IMPORTS ONshore while creating JOBS, boost the economy, decrease IMPORTS, increase GDP, while stopping deforestation with a natural non-polluting ORGANIC plant, requires no pesticides, no herbicides, enriches soil, creates more OXYGEN.

1000s of products are better, lighter, stronger, more breathable, nontoxic, water-soluble, even edible, biodegradable, unbelievably superior quality, extremely versatile. You cannot "get high" from Industrial Hemp.

Hemp 101: Learn the Basics of Industrial Hemp

Definitions | Benefits | History | Hemp Library

ReLegalization = Reversing the Prohibition

Advocates | Competition | Propaganda | War on Drugs

How Plants Grow | National Hemp History Week


10 Uses for 1 safe, natural, ORGANIC Plant

Inspiration, housing, Textiles, Paper, Food, Fuel, Oil
  1. Recreation
  2. Religion
  3. Organic Soil
  4. Organic Biomass
  5. Organic Fabric
  6. Organic Paper & Plastic
  7. Organic Food
  8. Organic Biofuel
  9. Organic Shelter
  10. Organic Medicine


OTG Radio Show About Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp #1 - #4
Religion, Soil, Biomass

Hemp Products #5 - #7
Fabric, Paper, Plastic, Food

Hemp Chemicals #8
BioFuel: Gasoline & Soaps

Hemp Homes #9 & #10
Organic Shelter & Medicinal


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