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Find Marijuana Doctors Your State! | Find Marijuana Doctors in Canada!

Local and international Hemp activists and groups can request complimentary listings in the activists or organizations categories. will automatically add activists and groups that qualify if we visit your site and we like it (even if you haven't submitted your information). If you want your personal information changed or removed from this directory, you can contact and read our Privacy Policy. nor our partners, sponsors, affiliates, nor anyone related to this website cannot be held responsible for any business or sales that happens after you leave this site. We are linking to these websites in good faith and will remove any sites that fail to meet our high expectations. If you think that a site we link to is somehow unqualified, let us know (we blacklist bad sites and bad IP addresses).


Rules for Journalists

News is almost never "spam" according to search engines like Google. Search engines like when there are multiple resources and multiple discussions on a given news story.

When you find important news or resources: copy it and paste it into the blog. Add a descriptive title and meta description. Try to add as many links and sources as possible with relevant information. Use text to accompany multimedia like photos and movies so people can find them more easily. If it's a video, check "Video" category and paste the embed code in the HTML of the post AND below to embed it into the blog video features. Videos can be embedded into posts - also add the embed code below (where you add the feature picture) when creating a new post. In the actual posts: I like to add an [H2] title, the video embed code, and a link below to the YouTube page (because RSS imports into Facebook notes don't show embedded videos, same on Twitter).

No lying (s’pose that means most politicians can’t post here). No violence. No inciting violence. No vulgar racism (but don’t be afraid to call BiG-OIL what THEY are. Try to post sources so people can do more extensive research. Also, i believe we can reach a wider audience if we keep the language toned down with regard to cuss words.

Try not to post ‘fluff’ articles (to keep it more interesting) – but don’t be shy about reposting great documentaries, youtubes, and sources that can inform and hopefully wake some people up. Any propaganda, ad hominem, sidetracking, strawman games, etc. will be promptly deleted (unless it's clearly labeled as such).

Here's the only rule that sucks: Please try to post 350x200 images with blog posts (especially "Headlines"). This is the only decent blog template I can find that displays news and videos as features (makes it much easier to present news to new readers); part of the "feature" layout means that each post needs an image attached separately from the post content (below HTML ediitor when creating new posts). I have tons of premade images that you can download; just ask. The template looks best when images are exactly 350x200 pixels (ask me if you need help). You can even use flags if it's a region specific story. News posts will appear on our blog (in chronological order), on our Facebook fan page, and on our Twitter account in front of thousands of subscribers, fans and followers.



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Find Marijuana Doctors Your State! | Find Marijuana Doctors in Canada!