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Ron Paul Hopes Hemp History Week Will Reap
More Co-sponsors for Legalization Bill

Dr. Ron Paul
Groups hope to collect 50,000 signed post cards urging Obama and Holder to put end to industrial hemp ban. Jack Herer, "the self-described Emperor of Hemp", passed away nearly a month ago, but that doesn't mean his dream died with him. Roll Call reports, "Hemp History Week might not earn anyone time off work, but Rep. Ron Paul still thinks it’s worth celebrating."

The Texas Republican and erstwhile presidential candidate on Thursday submitted a statement to the Congressional Record recognizing next week, May 17-23, as Hemp History Week and urging his colleagues to pass legislation legalizing hemp farming. In the statement, which hemp advocates are touting as a big endorsement for their cause, Paul notes that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both grew the leafy crop.

Paul’s arguments focused on the potential economic effect of legalizing hemp — probably making for a stronger case than the beauty of those hemp necklaces found on the necks of half the attendees of any given Widespread Panic concert. “Unfortunately, because of a federal policy that does not distinguish between growing industrial hemp and growing marijuana, all hemp products and materials must be imported,” Paul said. “The result is high prices, outsourced jobs, and lost opportunities for American manufacturing.”


Ron Paul Supports Cannabis Farming, Blasts Government Ban

Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) spoke on the Senate floor recently in support of industrial hemp growers’ declaration that May 17-23 be celebrated as Hemp History Week.

Paul alluded to America’s long tradition of growing hemp, saying that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson engaged in such activity and that the Federal government encouraged American farmers to grow hemp to help the war effort during World War II.

He then went on to criticize the government for having outlawed cultivation of this crop, even though "in every other industrialized country, industrial hemp, defined to contain less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana, may be legally grown."

The congressman added that this policy makes it necessary to import all hemp products and materials resulting in "high prices, outsourced jobs, and lost opportunities for American manufacturing."

In response to Paul’s statement, the sponsors of Hemp History Week, including Vote Hemp and Hemp Industries Association member companies, issued a statement saying they were pleased by his support.

Eric Steenstra, president of Vote Hemp, said Hemp History Week supporters plan more than 100 events focusing on local hemp farming history and the sampling of hemp products, hoping to generate 50,000 signed postcards to the Department of Justice asking to allow United States farmers to grow non-drug varieties of cannabis under existing state laws.



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Find Marijuana Doctors Your State! | Find Marijuana Doctors in Canada!