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Some people just want to get away from all the "toxins" in their food, drinks, and personal items and just want to start eating healthy. I want you to know that you can do this. You can try things like green juice, raw fruit, raw vegetables, and/or raw nuts for a while to start. The main reason for not going through all this work for detoxification is so that you can eat healthy. Eating healthy is not the same thing as detoxification. When I refer to detoxification, I am talking about removing toxins from the body. This is not about being thin. It is about eating healthy foods and getting your thyroid and other hormones up to par.

Do you still take iodine?

I think I did for a long time. If you have a question about the topic of iodine, you are encouraged to ask a medical doctor. But if you have questions about other supplements, you can ask one of my online readers.

What are the pros and cons of magnesium supplementation?

Many people have asked if I recommend magnesium supplementation. I do recommend magnesium for people with a history of heart or kidney problems. But I think it may not be needed for most people.

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