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Industrial Hemp | Biomass, Biofuel, Fabric, Paper AND Plastic, Wood, Bricks, Medicine, Food
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ReLegalize.infoWe can replace ALL of our OIL IMPORTS ONshore while creating JOBS, boost the economy, decrease IMPORTS, increase GDP, while stopping deforestation with a natural non-polluting ORGANIC plant, requires no pesticides, no herbicides, enriches soil, creates more OXYGEN. 1000s of products are better, lighter, stronger, more breathable, nontoxic, water-soluble, edible, biodegradable, unbelievably superior quality, extremely versatile.

The original research about hemp's forbidden history of industrial use was done by Jack Herer (June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010) was an American cannabis activist and the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a book which has been used in efforts to decriminalize cannabis. A former Goldwater Republican, Herer wrote two books, The Emperor Wears No Clothes and Grass. There has also been a documentary made about his life called, The Emperor of Hemp. He believed that the cannabis sativa plant should be decriminalized because it has been shown to be a RENEWABLE source of fuel, food, and medicine, and can be grown in virtually any part of the world, and that the U.S. government deliberately hides the proof of this. Since his original research in 1989, it took Jack 15 YEARS to convince NORML & High Times Magazine that he wasn't just some "conspiracy theorist", even after writing a 291-page paperback book in 1989!

We will be posting industrial hemp news on the Hemp News blog about products and resources about industrial hemp, cannabis sativa, marijuana, the green revolution, biomass, biofuel, fabric, paper, organic plastic, wood, bricks, organic medicine, medical marijuana, hemp oil, food, fiber, and environment. We can save the planet by simply informing people about the benefits of ReLegalizing industrial hemp and how BiG-OIL has supported a society of scarcity in order to maximize their profits.

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Here is your homework: Pick the issues from the "Top 10 Reasons to ReLegalize Industrial Hemp" that you are the most concerned with - and do something about it. Please inform others; publish an article; share our pages on your website, blog, or profile wall; call politicians in your districts and ask them if they understand how important industrial hemp is, and ask how you can help ReLegalize it.


Founded in 2010

I was asked to give a live radio presentation about the benefits of Industrial Hemp. There are so many benefits, and resources that I ended up writing a 10-page (fine print) report on the subject. During the first 2-hour long live "Off The Grid" radio show, I was only able to get through the first 4 of 10 uses for Industrial Hemp. It took another 2-hour show to get through 5-7 (fiber, paper or plastic, and food). Hopefully I will be able to finish dictating 8-10 (fuel, shelter, and medicine) during the 3rd live show this Saturday.

A live caller requested resources to do independent research and share this information with others... so I designed this website to illustrate my "Top 10 Reasons to ReLegalize Industrial Hemp" in an easily digestable format including exclusive articles, videos, documentary movies, images, photographs, historical records, charts and graphs, and tons of Industrial Hemp resources. PLEASE SHARE!!!

So much ancient knowledge about this amazing plant has already been lost and forgotten - if not outlawed, censored and burned. That’s why is dedicated to informing the public of the facts, and industrial uses for hemp. This is one of a very few cannabis websites that is NOT about smoking, and it contains exclusive research including the entire story of how hemp was banned and examines the industrial competition who rallied for prohibition of our greatest renewable natural resource. Since the radio show (which aired just after Jack Herer died), industrial hemp has been a staple of underground politics along with my lecture on Nikola Tesla’s free wireless energy!

If you have any questions or comments about the site, please do not hesitate to contact us. The easiest way to make this resource better is by you telling us what you want - and we'll do our best to provide it.

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- An American Patriot (Founder)



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Find Marijuana Doctors Your State! | Find Marijuana Doctors in Canada!